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Celine Sunglasses

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

“The Sunglasses Every Fashionista Needs To Own”

If like us, you’re not a morning person, and you know just how stressful it can be to get ready in the morning after hitting snooze on all five alarms you’ve set.  At this stage, you’re probably racing out the door to make to your bus, yoga session or early morning meeting, but not before making it through your ‘did-I-actually-grab-it?’ checklist.  These usually top most lists, but it isn’t until you’re outside being blinded by the brightest day recorded that you’ve realised something’s missing.  The trusted shades that are multipurpose and not only block the UV’s, but also help to hide any evidence from the night before.  We all have a couple of pairs on rotation, but if there was ever a time to upgrade your selection and ensure you never forget them again, that time is definitely now.

Below we’ve hand picked the best from the Celine sunglasses range, broken down by frame style matches made in sun specs heaven.

Celine | Shadow Sunglasses

Begin Christine Cantenera’s body double is easy in the Celine Shadow Sunglasses. Flawless on oval spaced faces, the B shape frames are sure to make a bold statement.

Celine | Baby Audrey Sunglasses

These Baby Audrey Celine sunglasses offer a demure sophistication to the original Audrey frame shapes. The smaller frames sit effortlessly on round and square faces.

Celine | New Audrey Sunglasses

Timelessness and simplistic beauty is how best to describe the Celine New Audrey sunglasses. Whether you’re face is round, square, heart, long or diamond, the squarer frames are the perfect pair for getting that effortless chic look.

Celine | Audrey Large Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses don’t come any bolder then the Audrey Large Sunglasses. The ‘D’ shaped from fits with ease into your everyday moments, and onto wider shaped faces.